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Time to celebrate more parents! Yay. In case you’re new to Earnest Parenting, the HIP project is all about highlighting some good news for a change.

Mommy Needs Coffee wrote this week about the amazing gift that is her daughter.

BooMama played some video games with her son and proved that she’s cool and a good sport in one fell swoop.

Thimbelle has been writing for GNMParents for a while, and I went over to read her personal blog and get to know her better. Oh. My. Goodness. Anyone walking the path she’s on is a hero in my book. Hands down. Get a tissue before you read. I’m just sayin’.

Eliza Feree learned a lesson about kids growing up and moving on from childish things.

Our new HIP bloggers are invited to take a badge back to their own site if they like. That’s completely optional, of course, as explained in the how it works post.

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Do you know someone who’s HIP? Are you HIP? Contact me, and tell me all about it!

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