I Wonder if They Know

Every week we go to the library and the younger boys pick out picture books for use at our daily story time. Right after I finish a story, Captain Earthquake will sigh a tiny sigh of contentedness. I wonder if he knows I’ve noticed it.

Whenever any of the boys asks me for something and I agree, they hiss “Yessssssss” under their breath. I wonder if they know how much that rewards me.

The boys have been creating involved story lines and acting out imaginary characters and having adventures together outside. I wonder if they know I secretly watch them whenever I can.

I wonder if they know how much I love to hear them laugh.

The older boys will be 11 years old in 3 weeks. I wonder if they know how proud I am of them.

We’re talking about getting a puppy later this summer. I wonder if they know how much work it will be.

I wonder if they know how much love a puppy can inspire.

The younger boys are 6 and a half. I wonder if they know how often they make me smile.

What do you wonder about your kids?

Image courtesy of Jeffery Turner via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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18 Responses to “I Wonder if They Know”

  1. Live Bingo says:

    Children help to build their self worth when learning how to make money for kids. If they understand that they can do something of worth to their own community the feel as if they are a productive member of society. Kids socialize in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

  2. sleigh bed says:

    Children make u very responsible. and i like so much.

  3. Children are indeed a blessings for us, no wonder how happy we are when their happy is really fulfilling right? Parent’s do really want to give the best of the best for their children.
    Having a puppy will help them to more friendly the fact that it is a man’s best friend. they will learn how to take care animals and how to be responsible.^ ^

  4. TUWD says:

    my son’s only a few months old so I wonder about everything since he can’t talk yet. i wonder if i’m doing things right or what he’s thinking about at any time or why he’s crying or what his life will be like. there’s a lot to wonder about.

  5. You are such a great mom. 🙂 Your kids are so lucky to have you. And if the time comes that I will be a mother, i’ll be like you. Advance Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  6. Hello Amy,
    I wonder if my boys understand and appreciate their good fortune (not that we are of that ilk, but we have food and shelter and health and, more than anything, love). I wonder if they recognize the value in their compassion. I wonder if their minds are made up, or if I still have time to affect them. I wonder if my older boy (10) compares himself to his brother, and if so, how he fares. I wonder if they worry about their mother and me.

    But mostly, I wonder who they’re becoming, and what kind of role I’ll get to play as that story unfolds.

  7. Sons are blessings. I wish I will have one someday.

  8. social networking philippines says:

    Re: I Wonder if They Know
    You’re a wonderful mom. Children is the best gift of God for all the mothers . Keep it up.

  9. Liz says:

    Lovely post. I find myself wondering things like this fairly often (sometimes in moments of great stress when my girls are driving me crazy).

    I wonder whether they will lead lives that are as creative and inspired as their daily lives are right now — and whether they will continue to realize the benefits of playing often. I wonder whether they will remain kind and gentle enough to not step on innocent creatures, like the itsy bitsy snails they worry about who live near our front door. And I wonder whether they will be prepared to raise my grandchildren to be amazing people. 🙂

  10. This is so sweet. You are lucky to have one another. Take care!

  11. mechanical engineering ebook says:

    great post! this makes me get motivated..

  12. business law says:

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  13. They certainly give you the feeling of responsible … your heart get nutrition by their smile … You plan to get smile and before they smile you started to get the feelings …

    I simply love this … and I can feel what are you feeling.

  14. Dara says:

    Nothing beats kids who like the library and want to learn 🙂 Take away the TVs and you can have some magical experiences.

  15. I agree with Dara and yes little children bring happiness to home


  16. KD says:

    I wonder if my “little girl” realizes how much I love to watch, and overhear her playing with the other neighborhood children. I am always amazed at the dynamics of it all, and how well they can get along. They are one special group of kids!

  17. I wonder if parents know that their kids are happy when they see their parents smile or laugh. You parents also bring happiness to us. That is why we love you.

  18. Amy says:

    Live Bingo, good point. We all feel more worthy when pursuing a goal don’t we?

    sleigh bed they definitely do make me feel responsible!

    starting a business in the philippines, yes the puppy will make a big impact on all of us. I’m starting to get excited about it, which is quite a change from my attitude a year ago. Do you have pets?

    TUWD, awww only a few months old? I can hardly remember what that’s like. If you’re wondering whether you’re doing well enough chances are you’re on the right track. Keep doing your best and enjoy the journey as much as you can. And I hope you get some sleep!

    Offshore Staff, thanks!

    Jeb, that was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    free personals, I hope your heart’s desire comes true for you.

    social networking philippines, thanks. Again. You’re too kind. 🙂

    Liz those are lovely thoughts. Your girls sound beautiful.

    karla, thanks. I am very blessed.

    mechanical engineering ebook, thanks!

    business law, thanks to you as well. 🙂

    Lake Austin Homes for Sale, I love that “your heart gets nutrition by their smile”. What a great thought.

    Dara, agreed. Although we do have TV here. We’re trying to keep it balanced as much as possible.

    Cathy you’re right. And I’ve definitely been blessed to catch the boys playing some amazing imaginary games when the screens are turned off.

    KD isn’t “spying” on them the best? I love watching the kids when they’re completely free of inhibitions and they’re just being themselves.

    doing business in the philippines, oooooohhhhh. Thank you for saying that! I never thought of it that way.

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