A Big Day

At about 11:30 last night, I went to check on the older boys and they were (surprisingly) still awake. Turns out they were trying to stay up until midnight so they could see the beginning of the new day.

You see, today is their 11th birthday.

Eleven years ago right now I was in the hospital preparing for an emergency c-section; I was so sick with pre-ecclampsia I couldn’t see straight. I still have no idea how my signature on the consent form could possibly be legal because I literally just scrawled something approximating my name where Hubby pointed on the page. Anyhow. Got the paper signed, went in for surgery, and at about 4:30 that afternoon, the boys were born. For the record, TechnoBoy was first by 5 minutes. I know he’ll appreciate me telling you that.

Birthday cards have been coming in the mail (both US Mail and virtual) and the boys have been enjoying the attention very much. Because there were other obligations today, we’ve spread out celebrating over a few days. They got cards and cash from one set of grandparents Tuesday; they’ll see the other set tomorrow. We’ll have a cake then too. They’ve been surviving on mint chocolate brownies in the meantime. Poor fellas.

Tonight they’re going with the Boy Scouts to put flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day, which is just another sign of their advancing age. Sigh.

Happy Birthday boys. You drive me crazy most days, but I wouldn’t trade the past eleven years for any amount of money. (Yes, my darling Mercenary, I mean that.) I delight in watching you grow and develop. Your senses of humor lately have been razor sharp and I love it when you make me laugh. I love even more listening to you laugh together….assuming it’s not the middle of the night when you’re supposed to be ASLEEP. Ahem.

I’m very proud of you both. You’re wonderful boys and I know someday you’re going to be wonderful men. Just don’t hurry towards that too fast.



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14 Responses to “A Big Day”

  1. Both lovely boys! Happy birthday!

  2. Yeah really these guys doing well,my all best wishes are always with them.

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  4. Oh boy … that was really touching one. Specially this line –

    “I know someday you’re going to be wonderful men. Just don’t hurry towards that too fast.”

    This one is showing how much you are enjoying their childhood. Yeah this is really tough to tackle two boys at a time. But I do feel that some how they will do your task easier by being busy with each other.

    I have two darling nephew of about this age only and their chemistry with each other is simply superb.

    These boys are looking really great. Take care of them and take care of your self too.

  5. Tom Live Bingo says:

    Belated a very Happy birthday guys,you are performing tremendous ,keep it up,you are rocking.

  6. Wow, that’s so sweet! I’m sure they’re very dear to your heart and you wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! Kids really tend to make us feel that way =) Happy Birthday to them and I hope they grow up to be responsible, successful, and happy.

  7. Social Networking Philippines says:

    Such a lovely boys. I know you will become wonderful men soon as well as you have a very awesome mother. Great!

  8. social networking philippines says:

    Nice post… hope this two young boys will grow to be a good guy..
    best wishes for you guys..

  9. Your boys are really wonderful. Of course nothing can replace them, they are definitely irreplaceable. Always take care them.

  10. Sherry says:

    I’m sure we would have covered this at SOBCon if we had more time to chat, but it’s ironic how your oldest son’s birthday is just days away from mine. Trevor turned 8 on Monday the 25th, and entered the world at 10:16 am due to an emergency c-section. How ironic!

    I sincerely hope they had a fun filled birthday! Trevor had a fun weekend and the best gift is only 4 more days of school left! Whoo Hooo! We love our summers!!

  11. Outdoor Living Furniture says:

    what lovely things you have said about your boys. Lovely pic too, they are both cuties.

  12. diaper cakes says:

    trying to stay up till midnight thats funny, I remeber back to when I was a kid my sister and I used to try and do similar things

  13. Amy says:

    Denver dating, Christmas hampers, and Day Spa Melbourne, thanks so much! I passed on your well-wishes but got behind on my comment responses. Sorry about that.

    handmade soap, you’re too kind. 🙂 Thank you.

    Tom Live Bingo, thanks!

    Brochure Printing, thanks. As long as they don’t grow up aspiring to politics I’ll be happy. 😉

    Social Networking Philippines, thanks so much.

    business registration Philippines, you’re right. Although there are days I have to remind myself of that, lol. Boys! Who can understand them??

    Sherry, that IS ironic! I wonder how many more coincidences we share? My boys have been suffering through lessons even past their birthday, poor things. The goal is to finish by then every year but we have yet to make it. Maybe next year we’ll finish earlier.

    Neo thanks for the belated wishes!

    Outdoor Living Furniture thanks. I meant what I said, even on days they’re driving me nuts (ahe-yesterday-em).

    diaper cakes that’s so great you have nice memories of you and your sister! I am 6 years older than my sis so we didn’t do a whole lot together until we were adults.

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