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Hahaaaaa, you didn’t think I was done talking about SOBCon, did you? Nope! Today I want to introduce you to a cool chick I met at the conference. Sherry blogs at CityChicOnAFarm, where she focuses on her favorite charities, her dislike of cooking, how much she likes organizing, farm life, money saving tips, and more.

I was fascinated to meet Sherry because I grew up in farm country (we had horses, not cows or chickens) and now live the small town life. Sherry grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati and now lives the farm life. She mentioned a few weeks ago that one of her boys was born in May just like my older boys and it was even an emergency c-section. Can you believe the coincidence?

Sherry’s new to the blogging world, so would you click on over and welcome her? I know she’d appreciate the visitors (and comments! bloggers loooove comments). While you’re there, if you want to subscribe to her feed, you can get updates as soon as they’re posted.

ALSO! I’ve been giggling over the suggestions for the What on Earth?? Contest. There’s still time to enter!

AND!!! I have a chicken update for you: some of the eggs are moving. We’re hoping to see some hatching action tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

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