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I got an interesting new follower on Twitter yesterday…eCybermission. The more I checked out their site, the better it got.

eCybermission is a math/science/technology competition sponsored by the US Army. It is open to children in 6th through 9th grades. Teams of 3 or 4 students can compete (all team members must be in the same grade but do not have to be in the same school or even state) in their choice of 4 categories: Sports and Recreation, 2009-2010 Scenario Challenge, Environment, or Health and Safety.

Schools can field as many teams as they like, and I was more than thrilled to discover that homeschooled children are also eligible. The prize for winning regional competition is a $1000 Series EE savings bond per child, along with travel expenses to Washington DC in June of 2010 for the national competition. The national winners earn a $5000 Series EE savings bond, medal, and plaque. How amazing would that be?? Prizes are awarded per grade and region so there’s a good deal of opportunity here.

This competition has been around since 2002, with millions of dollars awarded in prizes. If you complete the challenge, you get a certificate of completion and an official t-shirt. I told the boys about the contest today and they’re pretty excited about it. Also! If you register before September 30 there’s an early registration bonus. I don’t exactly know what the bonus is…but when we register I’ll let you know. Right now the boys are recruiting another team member or two.

If you know someone who qualifies for the competition by all means, tell them about it! It’s a fantastic opportunity. And let me know if your kid signs up! I’d love to cheer everyone on.

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