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I’ve been learning old lessons lately. Seems like I’d learn them and move on to new mistakes in life but nooooooo. Not me.

By the time we arrived at life in the Earnest Parenting household last week Friday I was completely fried. The stress of several situations had taken over. Have you ever felt like that? Where your stomach was completely in knots and you just. couldn’t. take anything. anymore. without screaming?

There have been significant chunks of my adult life in which I’ve been at peace. Seems like I get to that point and maintain for a while (not through any strength of my own), then slide into situations that are increasingly stressful until I get to the freak-out point and realize that I’ve got some improvements to make.

I reached my freak-out point last weekend, after a blow-out argument with a friend in which I overreacted to an admittedly hurtful situation and wound up snapping at the kids as a result. On top of that, I’d already degenerated into a constant critical state and was spending my days either picking at every mistake or greeting their successes with silence. Funny how I can forgive the puppy every mistake and get out treats to help her learn skills, but I don’t do that for my own children.

Okay, actually that’s not so funny.

One small advantage of getting to the freak-out point is the opportunity to clear the decks and start over in life. So that’s what we’re doing…working on forgiveness, overlooking offense, cooperation, and respect. I asked the boys about it today and they agreed that the current vibe is pleasant.

Can we maintain this peace on our own? Nope. We’ll need some divine intervention. But I’m pretty sure I know how to ask for that help.

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