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One of the beauties of homeschooling is the ability to control the calendar. (It’s a curse, too, but we can discuss that another day.) Today we’re having a snow day. Granted, all the local schools took their snow day yesterday. But hey! Better late than never, eh?

Besides, we needed it today. Life has been busy (no surprise there) and a bit stressful and I personally have a todo list that’s impressive. And frightening. The boys don’t have such big lists, although CLEAN ROOM is a big priority for the day thankyouverymuch.

We could have done our schoolwork today, but then I wouldn’t be sitting here writing for you, or getting shipping information sent, or working on my new site (announcement soon!) or enjoying a nice cup of coffee while the snow blows and drifts outside.

We could have done our schoolwork today, but then the boys wouldn’t be playing games, snuggling with the puppy, or working on their latest inventions. The Manager just showed up to ask me about chameleons, and we enjoyed looking at some pictures together. He wanted to know if one could sit on my computer and blend in. I don’t know if they can do silver/gray. Anyone?

I have to take the Captain to an appointment this afternoon, and then we’re thinking about taking everyone (not the puppy) out to dinner and a movie. Granted, that doesn’t do much for my todo list. But it does help the stress levels.

Happy snow day, Internets!

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