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It may be wise to set down all beverages for this one. Wouldn’t want to cause you to choke or do a spit take all over your keyboard. You have been warned.

Yesterday morning, a boy woke me up about 6 am saying he’d had a terrible nightmare and had had an accident in his bed. He wanted me to help with cleanup. (It’s been years and years since anyone had an accident, btw.) So I got up to help and as we were cleaning he commented, “I’m a screw-up.”

“Of course you’re not!!!” I told him. “Everyone has accidents in life, and I even remember having this same thing happen to me once when I was about this age. No big deal. Don’t worry about it.”

We have an enzyme cleaner that we spray on all the dog messes to help get out any remaining smell, etc. so I fetched that bottle and started spritzing the mattress. At this point, the boy’s twin woke up and wanted to know what on earth we were doing in the dead of night. My answer of “science experiment” went unappreciated.

We got everything taken care of and by this time the puppy was whimpering to get out of bed and snuggle so I told the boys they could take her for the rest of the sleeping time.

When I went back to bed, Hubby was just waking up so I told him about the whole episode, including what the boy had said about being a screw-up. Hubby wondered if he should go down and talk with them. I said, “Sure, but the puppy is in there and the door is closed. She may bark when you open it.” Then I lay down to get a little more sleep.

A couple of minutes later, Hubby showed up and the following conversation took place:

Hubby: Mouthwash.
Me: What?
Hubby: Mouthwash…I need mouthwash.
Me: Okaaaaay.
Hubby: The dog just french kissed me.

Apparently he leaned down to talk to the boy (who’d made himself a bed on the floor) and the dog just couldn’t stand it and jumped up to kiss him. Hubby told me that she came out of nowhere. One second there was a pile of blankets, and the next there was a dog in his mouth.

He gargled for several minutes.

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