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Sorry I’m a little late getting this one posted, but better late than never! Here’s my giggle for the day. This morning Keely (the puppy) was up at 5:30 with diarrhea, poor baby. And poor TechnoBoy and me, who were the lucky pair cleaning it up. After he’d taken her out, he let her snuggle with The Mercenary and we all went back to bed. A couple of hours later she brought herself down to my room and woke me up to go out again. More diarrhea. At least this one made it outside. I brought her back in and cleaned her up, then took her down to snuggle some more. All the boys were still sleeping, so I decided to luxuriate in bed a while longer.

Half an hour later the phone rang and when I was done talking I thought I’d go wake everyone up. I walked into the older boys’ room and a little brown head popped up to look at me. Then I heard “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. Lol. Translation: I know why you’re here and what you’re planning. Don’t even think about it.

She earned them all another half hour of sleep.

Okay, you’re next! Share a joke, blog post, video, or photo that makes you laugh (family friendly, please) with the world. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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