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Welcome to Friday, Internets! Are you having fun yet? We’re actually having a reasonable day here…2 boys are visiting grandparents and it’s amazing how much easier life is when you’re only dealing with one age group.

Anyhow. Hubby’s brother-in-law sent a link to a hilarious YouTube video yesterday and I just know you’ll enjoy it. This is definitely safe for work, as long as your boss doesn’t mind you spending 6 and a half minutes giggling. This is also very kid friendly. Enjoy!

Okay, you’re next! Share a joke, blog post, video, or photo that makes you laugh (family friendly, please) with the world. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Next week when I write the new FFYF post, I will go back and close the previous edition. At that time all legitimate links are converted to .html, which means you get some link love just for playing along. How’s that for a bonus? Links that are spam or inappropriate to the spirit of the game will be deleted. If you just link to a commercial web site, that’s not in the spirit of the game. Please link to something that makes you laugh. Or at least smile.

**Broken links removed. Please see other FFYF posts for some fun.

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