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Hullloooooo, Friends!

I’m heading off to do some sewing this weekend; one of my favorite activities. Just think: hour upon glorious hour in front of my sewing machine!

The heart sings in anticipation.

So…how about you? Anything fun planned for this weekend? Share with the group! How about you play along on Fun For Your Friday? Share a joke, blog post, video, or photo telling about your weekend plans.

Next week when I write the new FFYF post, I will go back and close the previous edition. At that time all legitimate links are converted to .html.

Links that are spam or inappropriate to the spirit of the game will be deleted. If you just link to a commercial web site, that’s not in the spirit of the game. Please link to something that makes you laugh. Or at least smile.

**Sorry, the link to this FFYF was broken and had to be removed. Please see other FFYF articles for some great laughs.

Special note!! This is the last week that FFYF will appear with the Mr. Linky format. We are changing over to a carnival format and will be on Blog Carnival.com for anyone interested in playing along.

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