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Welcome again to Fun For Your Friday! This week, FFYF has officially become a blog carnival (the site Blog Carnival.com no longer exists). See below for some hi-stinkin-larious submissions. First, here’s my giggle for the week. Back when we first got the puppy, we knew that there would be a few messes along the path to housebreaking. So, we purchased an enzyme cleaner with a long name. I got the gallon version, and put it in a smaller spray bottle. In the course of life, the cleaner became known simply as Spritz. This most likely has something to do with parental directions to simply spritz the area in question. Now that I think of it, Spritz is used both as a noun AND a verb around here. Annnnnyhow. This week Captain Earthquake (age 7) agreed to clean up a little accident we’d found. “Where’s the Spritz??” he shouted. “I need paper towel!” We located the items in question and he marched off to clean. I could hear him talking to himself as he worked. The voice became louder as he returned to the kitchen. Suddenly, he sprang back into the room, shouting “I’m the Spritzinator!”

And without further ado, here is the March 5 edition of Fun For Your Friday.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Musical Accord (Spoof Contract) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog I laughed until I cried over this one.

swagat presents I am what I am!! posted at Its all in here Any college student wanting to know how to apply for a scholarship can look here for guidance. 😉

Josanne Anthony presents Can My Marriage Be Saved? posted at A Chocolate Bouquet I think Josanne’s husband should let her win this one. 🙂

Regina Scharf presents How to find a husband ? the Brazilian way posted at DEEP BRAZIL I’m glad to be out of the dating scene. Some of those techniques are work!

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