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Whew! We made it to Friday. I have updates and developments to share, but for today let’s just think happy thoughts, shall we?

My weekly giggle: Last night all the boys and the dog went out and played in the rain. When they came in soaking wet I insisted that people shower. After all, if you’re already wet, why not lather up and finish the job? While I cooked dinner, various boys cleaned up. The last to hit the bathroom was The Manager, right after dinner.

He was less than pleased at the prospect, as playing with his twin was a much higher priority. “But we just started a war!” he moaned. I just looked at him and waited. “Okay, but can I take a sh-bath?” he asked. I smiled and said, “Well, I had more of a bower in mind, but go ahead.”

Moving on to our carnival submissions: Madeleine Begun Kane presents Romancing The Stoic posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. Madeleine’s husband is so sweet!

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Toni presents While you’re in labor, take pictures! posted at Wifely Steps. I’ve never heard of someone photoblogging life during labor, but this was great.

Tonialso presents Monday Picker-Upper: Cartoons posted at Wifely Steps. Great for some smiles, this one.

thatgirlisfunny presents soup served in a toilet bowl and other strange goings-on posted at thatgirlisfunny.com. Okay, whoever thought of this theme was definitely outside the box.

Banquet Manager presents Giving Up Wine posted at So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager…. This one cracked me up the first time I saw it.

anto.patterson presents Possible Stress Release: Sing on The Train Like An Indian Man « HelloMissPatterson posted at HelloMissPatterson. If you’re going to sing on a train, why not dance a little too?

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