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I know I had at least two very hilarious stories this week that I wanted to share, but neither one is coming to mind now. After wracking my brain for hours, I give up! I must be getting old or something. 🙂 I do have a smile to share: last night the older boys went to their very first bona fide concert with their friends. They got home just before midnight chattering like magpies. Because it was so late, we listened to one or two tales and then sent them to bed. I wonder what they’ll tell me today about their night.

When they were first born, Hubby and I lived in a mobile home park. The boys’ room looked out onto the street. The windows were low enough that once the boys were walking, they could look outside for themselves. I was very surprised to learn that my neighbor had struck up a waving friendship with them at the tender age of 16 months. They were already doing something without me. And now this: going to a concert that I couldn’t attend. That same thought ran through my mind when I dropped them off yesterday. Who authorized them to grow up like this? I want names, people!

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