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The older boys were gone all weekend, which meant the younger boys had no competition for computer playtime. Everyone is particularly fond of a game called Roblox, in which players create worlds and games with their own rules with characters that look vaguely like Lego pieces. They can create an environment in which multiple characters can play. The result is two boys playing on separate computers in the same environment, which necessarily involves a lot of chatter back and forth across the basement. After all, if you’re in the heat of battle it’s pretty handy to holler out directions to your twin.

It can get rather loud, but for the most part they have a great time. If tempers flare, there’s always the Go Outdoor option. Generally speaking I try to keep track of what they’re doing and maintain some order and balance. Each boy has his own account on Roblox and they frequently will invite one another to their latest place to try out whatever obstacle or challenge has been put in place.

I knew they’d been online too long when The Manager yelled over to the Captain saying, “Dude come over here in real life!”

Hey! It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun.

Welcome to the April 23, 2010 edition of fun for your friday!

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