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Wheweeee! Today has been interesting. Sorry for the extremely late Fun For Your Friday, Internets. When we got up this morning, the puppy was all growly and didn’t want to get out of bed. I saw her sitting outside looking mighty forlorn, and she was making an odd movement repeatedly with her head. Kind of like hiccups, but the spasms were in her neck instead of her midsection. After coming inside, she threw up twice. The boys were not impressed but they cleaned it up.

She was slowly improving when I called the breeder to ask for advice (she recommended Pepto Bismol). After a run to the store and a rather impressive poop episode, I gave Keely the Pepto. She didn’t like it, by the way. About 30 minutes later, I was on the phone when the kids announced that she’d thrown up. Again. This time, they said it looked like a big pile of dryer lint.

It was when they found the ribcage and various internal organs that we diagnosed the dog as a rodent-eater. LOL. We spent the rest of the day keeping an eye on her, even canceling our plans because we didn’t want to leave her alone in case of any problems. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be all right. She was feeling well enough to be mighty annoying this evening!

Sooooooo, I totally forgot to post the Fun For Your Friday blog carnival until now. OOPS!! Ya’ll can have some fun on Saturday, right? Here are this week’s submissions.

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