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Welcome again to Friday, Internets! I’m still here, plugging along after 3 straight days of physical therapy. And may I say…ouch? As well as….this isn’t really fun?

One of my assignments is to try and bend the Knee That Will Not Bend by strapping on an ankle weight and letting gravity help me along. I discovered that it’s easier to do this exercise by lying near a wall and resting my foot on it, then sliding down while coaxing some bend. In daily torture….ahhh, I mean physical therapy….we call this the “wall slide”. All the cool kids are doing it.

Since I was doing my stretch during school, the younger boys decided to join me in my new “office” for grammar and history. When we noticed that the dog was getting in on the act, TechnoBoy was kind enough to take a picture with his Nintendo DSi.

And with that, welcome to the May 14, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

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