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Happy day, Internets!  This Friday we’re celebrating the 12th (eek!!) birthday of my older boys.  Hard to believe that they’re only a year away from beeing teenagers. As much as they drive me crazy, it’s still going too fast. I woke them up by singing Happy Birthday to You. Then I got the younger boys up. Captain Earthquake’s question was, “Is it really their birthday? Today??”

When I answered that yes it was, he got all excited. “Cake!!!!!”

So, just for you Captain, here is your cake. Because I have had no time to bake.

Delicious, no?*

Seems like everyone had as busy a week as we did around here, so the carnival has just one star today. How cool is that…having all the attention to yourself?

Welcome to the May 21, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

Digerati Life presents Dow Jones Crashed: Stupid Trader Error? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I wrote up a reaction piece to the latest market crash. The rumor was that it the 1000 point drop in the Dow was due to butterfingers. But apparently, it’s just a rumor. Thought it was funny anyway.”

That concludes this very short edition. Since you didn’t spend much time here today how about leaving a comment to wish the boys a happy birthday? They love comments.

*I will bake a cake when I have a chance. Possibly tomorrow. Or the next day. I hope.

Image courtesy of sean_oliver via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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