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Hubby walked into the basement yesterday, leaned down and whispered in my ear: “Call The Mercenary and when he says ‘yes’, you say ‘nothing’.”

I have to admit, Internets, that I found this very confusing.  Was I to say nothing?   Or to say “Nothing”?   Soooooo, I said, “Hey Mercenary.”

He said, “What?”

I said, “Nothing.”

At which point they all laughed uproariously.

So glad I’m such a hilarious influence in their lives.

For some reason, the boys developed this game with their dad and now that’s all the rage.  Call someone’s name and when they answer just reply with “Nothing”.  Then they all laugh.  It is rather catchy and they’re certainly having a darned good time so I just knew I should share it with you for Fun For Your Friday.

You’re welcome.

Wow, after only one entry last week, now we have 9 carnival submissions for FFYF.  Apparently this week wasn’t as busy for everyone! Yay. 

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