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Good Friday, Internets! Welcome to our Bendy Knee Edition of Fun For Your Friday. I say Bendy Knee because that’s exactly what I’ve been working on lately. Yup, the Knee that Will Not Bend is beginning to cooperate! I dodged a bullet this week when some medical professionals recommended that I undergo something called a “closed manipulation” wherein I am knocked out and the surgeon bends my knee for me. And then…THEN…they would put me into a special knee-bending machine for 8 hours a day. (Rumor has it people do this while sleeping.)

Ummmmmm, NO. Not doing that if I can avoid it. Thankyouverymuch.

So, I returned to therapy yesterday to discover that my knee is bending more and I have definitely been progressing. The plan is to continue on this path until I have full flexion, thus avoiding the horrible contraption I have dubbed the Knee Bendy Machine. And, I may not need surgery at all if the knee continues to be solid.

All reasons to smile on a Friday.

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