You Too Can Win With Ronzoni

Hello friends. Do you remember my post about Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta recently? All of us here at Earnest Parenting were treated to two boxes of the pasta, and we conducted a very serious* blind taste test. The result? We all thought the Ronzoni tasted just like our everyday white pasta, which is neat because the Ronzoni had some extra nutrients and was lower in carbohydrates. How cool is that?

The taste test was just the first part of the contest. The second part is a photo contest for all the bloggers who participated in the experiment. I cooked up the second box of pasta and had the boys eat it while I snapped photos. Hubby did a little color magic on the one we chose and then we hit submit. Here’s what it looks like

No kidding. The entire box of pasta was eaten (plain!!!) within about 6 minutes. I had to take pictures fast because they were eating so quickly.

So. Here’s the way the contest works. You go over to the Ronzoni Smart Taste Blogger Photo Voting Sweepstakes page (Sorry, link no longer is live), choose your favorite photo and vote. They are asking you to register the first time you vote, then after that you can vote (once per day) by just reminding them of your email address. Each day a random drawing is held and the winner receives a $25 gift card!

By participating in the contest, I’m in the running for a year’s worth of pasta (yum) and $500. And yes, I’d love to win. So wouldja be willing to go over and vote for me? Contest ends on June 25, so please vote before then.


*Okay, well. We did have a lot of fun with the test. But I seriously did hide the identities of the noodles from the boys. There’s photographic evidence in the other post.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who love pasta. Yum.

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5 Responses to “You Too Can Win With Ronzoni”

  1. Jenny says:

    I love this stuff. It’s been such a help to my son as well. He has uh… poop problems (cronic constipation) and this stuff has really helped him with that since it has fiber and calcium and stuff in it. This with other fiber foods and he’s almost normal now 😀 But eating it w/out sauce is kinda like eating… dirty paper HAHA. But yea, I hope this stuff never goes away. It’s awesome.

  2. ımmmm 🙂 ıts beatiful

  3. naomi says:

    Funny, how child can managed too eat so much. I will try to win this lottery and do same thing.

  4. I recognize that scene! When our daughter has a sleepover and we make them pasta…well…all heck breaks loose!

    Funny but our son is not a big pasta eater and either am I.

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