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Babies usually aren’t too hard to buy for, but when it comes to baby showers and other gift events it can be difficult to pick something out that’s unique. Gifts can be as simple as diapers and wipes. It’s the parents who really need to appreciate them anyways. You can however, give something extra to your favorite parents and their new addition to the family. Here are some ideas for gifts that stand out and some gifts that can personalize with baby names added to them.

1. Custom baby Bibs

Pick out some of your favorite colors and get bibs with the soon-to-be baby’s name on it. A nice touch to the common clothes saver, extra bibs are always handy and a personalized one is sure to be a winner.

2. Baby bedding

A fun set of baby blankets for the night hours are a great pick. Any mom can appreciate an extra set of sheets, especially when it’s washing time.

3. Slings and Front carriers

Slings enable moms to be close to the baby and do the 100 other things that need to be done. It’s an easy intimate way to tote them around in almost any scenario.

4. Personalized baby towels, cloths and robes

A washcloth or towel is one of the most used baby tools in the first months. Having the baby’s initials on them will help mom remember that it’s not  that bad.

5. Baby sleep aids and baby books

Nighttime seems to mean cry time for babies. Baby lullaby’s and soundtracks are available at many places and even lights that make characters dance on the ceiling. The sooner to sleep – the better. Yep, now days you can even personalize CD’s with lullaby’s to sing your baby’s name! One place to check is My Music CD.

6. Custom clothes

A nice little sweater with a cap and the baby’s name is a great pick. If you’re buying for a newborn don’t forget they don’t leave the onesies. The above image is a reversible beanie that can be personalized at The Baby Habit.

7. Digital video recorder

Small digital camcorders are the greatest gift for parents and baby. All moments deserved to be captured and you can find them for under $200. This gift keeps on giving.

Here’s an extra little tip. If you have little ones that want to get involved in the gift-giving, why not make a handmade pillow case for the soon-to-be mom? You can go to the fabric store and find something perfect for a boy, girl or both. If you know what the new baby’s name will be, you can sew or patch their letters on to it. Mom will adore it and baby will grow up with it and always have that special pillow to take with them where ever they go.

Veronica Davis is a freelance writer, internet business columnist and WAHM. She stays home with a 5-year-old and 1-year-old and loves to write about family-related topics.

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