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(Editor’s note: Please welcome Tim Grayling to the site with his post on the Internet and parenting. Thanks Tim!!)

Recent developments in the US economic environment have caused many Americans to return to school to develop new skills that better fit with the 21st century economy. More and more, online schooling has become mainstream and widely accepted as a legitimate, accredited form of getting an education. This is particularly good news for parents, who do not have time to attend classes at a traditional, campus-based school. Indeed, getting an online degree lets you fulfill your parental responsibilities, while preparing for a better future for you and your family. In fact, using the internet to fulfill your education actually makes parenting easier!

Teaching Your Children Time Management

Online courses tend to be flexible, allowing you to work them around your schedule, and not the other way around. However, the same time commitment must be given to online learning as traditional schooling. This forces you to manage your time even more strictly than if you were attending classes on campus; while you do not need to be in class at a certain time, so you must identify free time you do have to study. You will probably have to skip watching your favorite shows and socializing with friends until after studying is completed. Your children will see you set priorities that match up with your goals, and will learn the importance of time management and proper prioritizing.

Teaching Your Children the Importance of Education

Your kids look up to you; you are Superman/woman in their lives. The fact that you are being proactive and pursuing your online degree gives them a powerful example of how important education is, and that it is a lifelong process. Taking online courses shows your kids that education enables you to have more choices in life, make more money, and subsequently, be more successful in an ever evolving workplace. Instead of merely hearing you dream about a different job, they will witness you setting goals, and taking positive steps towards your dream career. Once you achieve your goals, it will teach your children that hard work and dedication will truly bear life altering fruit; affording them nicer things and more opportunities because Mommy/Daddy is making more money now.

Teaches Your Children the Importance of Family Unity

Whether you are getting your online MBA, bachelor’s, associates, or a specific certification, you will be spending a lot of time studying. This means less time for you to keep the housekeeping up and fulfill your parental duties. However, this can be a great opportunity to teach teamwork and solidarity as a family unit. Your spouse can take over some of the duties you used to perform and enlist the kids to help out. You can make a game out of it by offering your children small rewards like video game time or candy for their help around the house. And because you are taking your classes online from your home, you can still exercise a modicum of influence over what does and does not get done around the house.

Teaching Your Children that Education can be Fun

Kids love using computers. Whether it is for video games, watching programs, or social networking (for older kids), the computer is a device that they enjoy using. Knowing this, you can show your kids how exciting getting your degree online really is. Involve them in some of your research at user friendly sites like Discovery.com and Howstuffworks.com. Invite them to participate with you in an online chat with your classmates. They will become more excited about their own education as a result.

The benefits of getting an online degree for your family far outweigh those of a traditional, campus-based degree. As online schooling becomes the norm, you can be proud that you had a leg up on this exciting new learning tool.

This article was written by Tim Grayling. He works for OnlineMBA.com which is a web site that helps guide people to some of the best places online to get an Online MBA.

Image courtesy of crimsong19 via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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