Top 3 Mobile Games of 2013 that can Keep Kids Occupied

We’ve all been there: sitting in the backseat of a car while our parents sit in the front and talk about how much fun we’re going to have at Aunt Mary’s house. While they may be right, this doesn’t stop us from being bored in the back, eventually causing some form of mischief. In fact, […]

How to Know When a Child Is Ready for a Personal Computer

Every generation of parents has challenges that come with raising a responsible child in a modern society. The Internet and mobile devices have raised new challenges for parents bringing up children in a wired world. On one hand, it’s understandable that parents want to safeguard their children’s Internet activity. On the other hand, the Internet […]

Understanding the Threats Children Face on the Internet

Most adults can still remember a time before personal computers and the communication technology made life far more convenient. Along with the greater convenience brought by computers and other internet devices, there are also many new dangers. Identity theft, hacked bank accounts, scam mails, and the chance of losing all the precious data stored on […]

Teach Your Kids Safe Social Media

Parents often talk about the scourge that is the Internet. Unfortunately, the fear of what their kids may find online prevents many parents from utilizing the Internet as a powerful tool for both educational and personal needs. Information online ranges in variety from the practical to the incredible to the sordid, from information about the […]

Celebrate Minnie Mouse’s Birthday with Minnie’s Bow-Toons

I’ll bet that plenty of you know that Minnie Mouse’s birthday is this week. Did you know that? I will admit I didn’t. But now I do! In honor of her birthday, Disney Junior is going to air a Minnie-Marathon on Friday November 18 and Saturday the 19th. Also, new short cartoons will be premiering […]

Protect Your Kids From Online Scammers

(Editor’s note: please welcome Andrew with some advice for protecting our kids from the scammers they WILL encounter online. Thanks Andrew!) Protecting Your Kids With The Highest Rated Antivirus Software. Email technology has proven to be really helpful in connecting households, businesses and organizations across the globe. Because of this technology, families that stayed apart […]