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Getting children to be obedient can be a tricky thing. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but there are times in life when I expect the boys to do something simply because I’ve asked. Period. Of course I try to share the logic behind my directions and requests as often as I can, but there are some times when it just comes down to “you need to do this because I asked.”

Someday each of my lovely boys is going to go out and get a job. In that job, they’re going to have to do what the boss asks just because the boss asked. How can they succeed in their work if they don’t know how to function in a structured world? Could they just finish school and strike out as entrepreneurs and always be self-employed? Yes….but how likely is that to happen without any work experiences in traditional jobs?

I know it drives them completely crazy when I tell them they have to do what I’ve asked “just because”, so I try not to do it too often. But I do say it.

What about you?

Do you say “because I said so!” to your kids? How do you structure that?

Do you put any effort into explaining the whys and wherefores of your instructions sometimes? All the time?

Would you please leave a comment and let me know? I’m curious!

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