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Hello, Internets! Exciting news!! I have a $20 giftcard to Red Lobster here and I’m going to give it away this week. This is going to be a short giveaway so I can send out the card to the winner quickly. Say for example that our wonderful winner wants to take his or her sweetie out for Valentine’s Day…now that dinner will be more affordable. Yay!

Okay. Here are the details. We’re using ContestBurner again, so you can earn extra points by posting on Facebook and getting others to enter. Or, you can just sign up once and that would be your entry. It does look like it might be complicated, but I promise you it’s not.


Enter your email address in the box below and click Get My Links! You have to do this part to enter.

What this will do is generate a special link that you can share with friends to let them know about the contest too. If someone else signs up by clicking on your link, you get extra points!

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Thanks!!

By entering, you’ll have the option of being on the Earnest Parenting contest mailing list. Check your email for the subscription message. If you don’t want it, simply ignore and nothing more will happen.

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