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Eleven year old Paris Morris is already an accomplished author. I’m Having Twins is about getting ready for her new twin sisters, and My Twins are Coming Home relates the story of how she met the babies and what it was like to have them come home.

If you have young children and are expecting twins, this set of books is a great way to help them adjust to the change. Because bringing twins home is rather a large change for a family. I would know. 😉 Paris’ books are perfect for young children with beautiful, full color artwork.

I was able to get my hands on two sets of the books, and I’m giving them away here this week! Contest stays open until 11:59 pm EST on Sunday February 20, 2011. See below for ways to enter.

We’re using ContestBurner again. There has been some confusion but hopefully this time I’ll get it structured right and have it straightforward.

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Entering this contest and sharing with your friends helps me! The more people that know about this site, the more traffic comes through which increases my rankings and (hopefully someday) the prizes I can offer.

Okay. That’s all the info.

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Thanks!

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