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Welcome to March, Heroes! Today begins a very exciting giveaway here on Earnest Parenting: the Hallmark recordable storybook titled All the Ways I Love You. Have you seen the books? I first noticed them before Christmas and thought they were a great idea. Well. I had no clue how wonderful they really are. I dare you to watch the video below without choking up. Go on…I dare you.

Didja need a tissue? I did.

**Update: contest has ended so links were removed.**

Okay, so here’s the happy news. I have one copy of the book here in my hand. Well, here on my desk. I’m using my hands to type. But it’s here. I got it at BlissDom as part of the swag given to attendees and I knew right away that it would be perfect for a giveaway. And! Hallmark has pledged to let me give away another copy as well! So, that’s TWO winners! Yay for giveaways. I bet I’ve mentioned that I love giveaways.

We’re using ContestBurner again. In order to enter, you must put in an email and click the Get Links button on the contest page. This will generate a personalized link you can share with friends to let them know about the contest. Hint: this gives you more entries into the random drawing. Clicking the button will also make several other options pop up for you to gain more entries. You can share on Twitter or FaceBook, or just put in your email. How much you participate is up to you.

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Okay! So if you want to enter, go to the contest page, enter your email address, and click Get Links.

Contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on Monday, March 14.

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