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Editor’s note: please welcome Jessica with her post on sign language for the little ones. Thanks, Jessica!

baby in high chair looking at camera Whenever you see your baby making any sound or movement you feel excited, don’t you? Many people think that they are meaningless sounds or gestures. But those sounds and movements actually convey some meaning. Those are the signals that your baby wants to communicate with you. You can help your baby to communicate with you in a better way.

Are you wondering how is that possible? That is possible through sign language. Babies can learn sign language faster than they can speak. In fact teaching them sign language also increases their vocabulary in the long run. Babies can understand sign language very well and they can successfully communicate through it.

However before you tech your baby sign language you will have to learn it yourself. Baby sign language videos, CDs and books are available in the market. You can check them to learn the standard sign language that you should use with your little one. Also ask other family members to do the same because if two persons make two different sign for the same thing your baby will be confused.

It is never too early to start teaching your baby sign language. But make sure in the initial stage you choose words that are related to your baby’s world. Pick up common words like milk, water, diaper, mother, yes, no etc. Use signs for all these words on a regular basis so that your baby can soon learn the language.

It is even better if you show your baby the object corresponding to the word you are teaching your baby. For example whenever you give your baby milk, make the sign language for milk. Repeating this process again and again will help your baby to learn the sign for milk quickly.

Another important point to keep in mind, while you teach baby sign language is that, you should make the signs slowly and clearly. Otherwise your baby will not get it. You need to verbally emphasize on the word as well.

Follow all these tips and you will be able to teach your baby sign language with ease.

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