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Good Friday, Heroes! This week I had to give a presentation on social media to some local business people, so much of my time early on was spent trying to get the Prezi just right. The class was later in the afternoon, and by about lunchtime I was getting pretty nervous. I’ve taught for years, and I sing every week in front of the church, so being in front of people hasn’t bothered me for a long time. However, this time I was really starting to get agitated: ice cold hands, butterflies in my stomach, the whole thing.

I started doing some deep Lamaze-type breathing to try and calm down and The Mercenary, who was concentrating on his computer nearby, looked up to say in a concerned tone, “You’re not going to do that for very long…are you?”

This cracked me up and then I felt all better. So yay for smug teens!

Welcome to the June 10, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. Dawn Xiana Moon presents The Most Expensive Coffee in the World: Civet Poop Coffee posted at Kitchen Lore, saying, “How desperate for your morning caffeine would you have to be in order to try drinking coffee found in animal excrement? In short: ask the Indonesians, who would then blame the Dutch.”

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