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I was very surprised and impressed when this toothbrush and pack of children’s flossers arrived in the mail recently. We’ve been asked to try them out and review them for you. I couldn’t do that immediately because the toothbrush was so compelling that I had to go out and buy another one so I wasn’t leaving a boy out! The younger boys won the opportunity to have these brushes, but the older ones were pretty impressed as well.

Here’s how they operate. The brushes have a suction cup on the bottom so they can stand on the counter on their own. No more toothbrushes all over the counter! The best part is the light up feature. When you push the button, the whole toothbrush flashes for 60 seconds so the kids know how long to brush. Brilliant! And lots of fun.

The flossers are also quite handy, with no sharp edges to damage tender gums. The official word from The Manager on how they work is “Good”.

Now, here’s my favorite part! I get to give away some toothbrushes! 5 lucky winners will be drawn from the list after 11:59pm EST on Friday July 1 Tuesday July 12.    

Good luck!!!

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Thanks!

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