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How many of you have planted some seeds with your children? How about an indoor garden? Have you gone whole-hog and planted an outdoor garden with them? Watching a child tend and delight in flowers or food they’ve grown themselves is truly one of life’s great rewards. If you haven’t done it, I strongly encourage. No kidding: one summer The Mercenary and TechnoBoy found some seeds in a pumpkin I was trying to compost and planted them in their sandbox. The silly things grew! I never would have expected that.

This year we did plant pumpkins again, this time in the official garden spot. It has been a lot of fun to go out and check the plants, looking for the fruit to show. So far, we’ve got several started including more than one that may end up growing in mid air! The vines have climbed up the fence, so we’re all enjoying predicting what will happen with those.

Stacie from YourGardenShow.com wrote to share that site. Wow is it ever a comprehensive resource! Stacie says “I invite you to sign up for YourGardenShow.com’s Plant of the Day, written by Mark Kane, former Editor at Better Homes and Garden Magazine, and current YourGardenShow Groundskeeper.

Children can learn about a new plant everyday, with photos and information on how and where the plant grows, as well as its history. (We’ve heard it also makes a good spelling tool!)

In addition, parents can create a Garden where their children can practice their writing skills by posting on a regular basis. While using this tool, they will also learn about gardening from expert gardeners.”

YourGardenShow.com is a visually appealing site with lots of photos and it’s jam packed with information about plants and gardening. Share your garden with other visitors and get lots of questions about gardening answered.

Thanks, Stacie for sharing such a wonderful resource!

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