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(Editor’s note: Please welcome Chris with a craft we can all enjoy with our kids. Thanks Chris!)

Who doesn’t love a butterfly?

Add to that the fact that every parents loves a beautiful window hanging amade by their kids, and you see the reason behind this fantastic craft.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it can perfectly catch the light and shine in the window.

It’s fun to make and uses plenty of imagination, it’s also easy to make.

Craft Items Needed:

  • Plenty of waxed paper
  • A butterfly stencil
  • Wax crayon shavings from a grater (in plenty of beautiful colors)
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • black construction paper, cut as the butterfly body
  • Old tea towels or cloth
  • Iron
  • Hole Punch
  • String

If this is part of a party, put out a sheet of waxed paper for every child – this is what will create the essence of their butterfly wings. Let them use the butterfly stencil to trace the shape and outline of a butterfly. Instead of a stencil, you could also fold the sheet in half and draw one side of the wings. Once the tracing is done, have the kids cut out the shape themselves. If in doubt, have a couple of adults on hand who can do the cutting for them. Using their shape, trace out and cut a second piece of waxed paper.

Now, place a protective cloth on the table, and a regular sheet of waxed paper, Then, place the first butterfly cut out on top. The kids can now go to town putting together the colors to create the essence of the butterfly. They will have on hand plenty of wax crayon shavings in a wide array of colors. This is easy enough for you to do before the party – just shave down the crayons using a grater. Place each color in their own bowls and set them on the table. Let the kids blend in all sorts of colors until they are happy with what they see. When they are finished, have them cover with the second sheet of wax paper.

This is where the adults come in — place another sheet of waxed paper on top, then another cloth. Press the hot iron to it. This will help melt the colors together and create that gorgeous “stained glass” butterfly wing look. It only takes a minute or two with the iron to properly melt the colors together, and once cooled you can remove the top layer of wax paper.

Viola! The stained glass pattern will have developed as the color shavings marry together. The wax would have sealed the two butterfly cut-outs together. It’s gorgeous! Once cooled (about a minute), have them place a thin strip of glue in the middle, between the two wings, and have them stick on a butterfly body cutout you would have previously created (basically a very long oval with two antenna spikes.)

Help the kids punch a hole in the top of the butterfly and then tie a string to it. They will now have a window hanging that they can take home with them after the party!

Chris Molnar is a stay at home Dad of two preschool kids. Together they all tend their backyard butterfly garden, and just hatched their first monarch. He is editor of a website full of party themes that feature crafts, games, recipes and supplies for kids birthday parties. He recently hosted a fun Elmo themed birthday party for his youngest daughter.

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