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The Halloween Drawing Game allows your guests and your kids to have fun and show off their artistic and reading skills. This activity works much like the classic game Pictionary, and is a great activity for family time near Halloween. Each participant gets a chance to draw.

The Halloween Drawing Game is appealing to some parents because it can be played inside or outside, making it a flexible addition to event activities. It doesn’t hurt to have materials for this game on hand just in case your outdoor party moves inside due to rain.

Get Ready to Draw!

This game is also versatile because it works with almost any size group. If the Halloween party is small, then children can play as individuals. If you have more participants, then you can break them into pairs or groups that must work together to earn points and win.

To play this game, you will need a drawing instrument (preferably something bold and easy to see like a pen or marker) and a piece of paper. An oversized tablet or a portable whiteboard works best, but smaller sheets of paper could be used. You will also need a large collection of Halloween themed words written on small pieces of paper as well as a box, bowl or other container to put them in (a plastic pumpkin is a festive option).

Words for the kids to draw can be anything Halloween and autumn related. Here’s a couple to get you started:

  • pumpkin
  • haystack
  • ghost
  • scarecrow
  • broom
  • spider

The Individual Version

If your party is small and you do not have enough participants to make substantial groups, then each child can earn points on his or her own. When playing this way, the first participant begins by drawing a word pulled from the container. They must not show the word to any other player. An adult or older child will set a timer when the child begins to draw.

The child can draw anything except actual words. If someone guesses the player’s word before time runs out, then both players receive a point. Only the first player to guess correctly gets the point (as well as the player who was doing the drawing). Once everyone has had a turn to draw, the player with the most points wins the round.

The Group Version

When dividing players into groups, game play works much the same. The difference being that the entire group receives a point if one of its members guesses the word. At the end of the round, the group with the most points wins.

It is important to decide if you plan to play with groups or individuals when buying prizes for the party. If you are on a tight budget but have a large number of attendees, consider having each group play a specified number of rounds and awarding a prize after the full game has been played. The points earned from each round can accumulate so each group has an overall total at the end which determines the winner. Have fun!

Guest post by Chris Molnar. With Halloween coming up, Chris is thinking of some fun activities to play with his two preschool girls. He’s a work at home Dad and edits a party site here, where he writes about activities, games, decor ideas and food for parties. Also, if you need some cute costume ideas for your little one, check out his new site at Babyanimalcostumes.com (You can see his little oatmeal bear in the About Us section.)

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