School’s Out. What Now? Three Wallet-Friendly Activities to do With Your Kids

Remember when you were a kid and June came? School let out and you were on your own. Your mom told you to “use your imagination” and “find something to do.” You did – for a few weeks. Then boredom set in. But at least once a summer, your parents probably arranged something really fun […]

Great Tips for Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen

My older daughter just loves to help out in the kitchen. She takes pride in creating yummy and nutritious meals. She’s been “helping” in the kitchen since she could hold a spoon (and knew a few kitchen safety rules). She’s seven now and rivals most teens I know when it comes to cooking. The littlest […]

How to Involve Your Kids in Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is devoted to the celebration of romance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun celebration for the entire family. For the most part children merely have a small party at their public school celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving and receiving cute kid friendly Valentine’s cards. However, there is so much fun […]

How to Make Cute Candy Turkey Placeholders

These placeholders are cute, so much fun to make, and they can even be eaten after your Thanksgiving dinner. Kids love making this craft, and they look fantastic at the kids’ Thanksgiving table. What child wouldn’t want this candy turkey as their placeholder? (But make sure they eat their dinner first!) Supplies: Double Stuffed Oreo […]

Children’s Group Activities: The Halloween Drawing Game

The Halloween Drawing Game allows your guests and your kids to have fun and show off their artistic and reading skills. This activity works much like the classic game Pictionary, and is a great activity for family time near Halloween. Each participant gets a chance to draw. The Halloween Drawing Game is appealing to some […]

3D Pumpkin Craft

(Editor’s note: we’re into fall already! Chris has an easy craft for us to enjoy with our kiddos. Thanks Chris!) For a craft that makes Halloween fun, there’s nothing like pumpkin carving. This craft is neat in that you can build a happy pumpkin and hang it the wall or your door. Even better, it’s […]