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(Editor’s note: Please welcome Sandra who has some winning suggestions for your Christmas shopping this season. Thanks Sandra!)

Shopping for Grandma and Grandpa is not the easiest task. You probably want to give something meaningful, but also something that doesn’t just take up more unnecessary space. The following collection of gadgets is perfect for both aging friends or Grandparents. These items add more fun, and ease to life, while still being affordable. Bless someone this year with a bit of modern technology that is sure to have them smiling and feeling loved.

An E-book Reader
A fabulous gift, this holiday season is an E-book reader. With age comes a greater likelihood of eye strain, but with the E-book reader your eyes can relax and so can your arms. Instead of lugging around a stack of heavy paperbacks, your elderly loved one or friend can enjoy toting around an entire library in one small compact device. There are several different types of E-book readers on the market today and a plethora of helpful accessories, like fun cases, screen protectors, and personalizing stickers. Have fun picking out the right one for the Grandparents.

Single Cup Coffee Brewer
Instead of driving to Starbucks, your loved one can experience an amazing variety of coffee flavors in no time at all—right at home. With a Single Cup Coffee Brewer, you don’t have to worry about the mess associated with a normal coffee pot. You also don’t have the hassle of wasting a huge pot if there is just one or two of you. This Single Cup Coffee Brewer also allows you to try a great variety right after the other, with this gift—the tasty possibilities are endless.

Flameless Candles
Nothing is quite as comforting as the flicker of a glowing candle. Flameless candles are a wonderful gift this winter as they add extra ambiance to any room, they require no matches, and they have long lasting battery life. Most flameless candles are made out of real wax and many are often scented in yummy holiday flavors like pumpkin spice, gingerbread, or caramel apple. Now, instead of searching for that last box of matches or worrying about the flame hazard, you can simply enjoy the beauty of candlelight in a much more convenient way.

Wii Fit
Research has shown that the Nintendo Wii Fit has been associated with helping seniors stay active and more balanced. This fabulous game is easy to install and can provide endless hours of entertainment and physical exercise, right within the four walls of your living room. Wii Fit has a huge variety of games and ways to keep your body moving and the varying stages of difficulty, make it easy to use for all different levels of mobility.

Massaging Slippers
At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a little dose of comfort? Sending Grandparents home this season with a pair of massaging slippers is sure to provide some everyday luxury. Most massaging slippers have memory foam built-in, to contour to the bottom of your foot. The gentle massaging vibrations will have those aches and pains, disappearing in no time at all.

Sandra Harris is a blogger for the nursing and elderly industry. She works with a handful of Houston nursing homes.

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