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(Editor’s note: please welcome Leanne’s great suggestions on how to get the best glasses for your child. Thanks Leanne!)

Looking after a child’s eyesight is something any parent worth their salt will be keen to do. Booking an eye test is the quickest part of the process, but when it comes to choosing a frame that suits the individual boy or girl in question, some mums and das can feel a little stumped.

You’ll want to select a quality pair of spectacles that flatter the shape of your child’s face, but there are a number of things to bear in mind before you attempt to select the perfect eyewear.

Browse the whole range of frames

Like children, frames come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. With this in mind, it’s really important to take your time looking at all the colours and styles that are available. Don’t rush through the opticians’ shelves and grab the first pair you see, as you could miss something much more suitable or more competitively priced.

Try things on together

Kids aren’t likely to relish the idea of a visit to the opticians and get bored pretty easy. The best thing to do to combat this is make it as much of a stress-free experience as possible. You can make the whole visit fun by letting them try on the spectacles they want and letting them see what you like in all kinds of specs. Try thick and thin frames to see how they compare as well as plain and pattered designs.

Think carefully about designer eyewear

Just like adults, many children want to look stylish and have the latest labels, but there is no point opting for designer glasses if your son or daughter is going to grow out of them in just a year – or if they are going to break them when running around the playground! However, if you do decide to let them have designer frames, there are plenty of options available, but perhaps think carefully if it is worth the extra cost.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are trying different pairs of spectacles on your child but are getting nowhere, don’t be afraid to ask your sales assistant for some advice. An optician’s staff are trained to help give honest advice about the things you’ll need to make an informed decision – so let them give you some feedback on your potential purchases.

Choose the right features

Once you have picked out a pair of frames that suit your child, you’ll be presented with a number of extra options – like ultraclear or extra-light lenses. You will want to make sure the glasses come with an anti-scratch resistant treatment, case and cloth and if it is possible to insure your glasses in case your child takes a tumble at playtime.

So if your son or daughter needs glasses, why not take a trip to your nearest opticians and see if there is a great-looking pair that suits them?

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