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From packing and labeling to turning off utilities and searching for professional moving companies, relocating to a new home is a long and tedious task. Although moving is never easy, the timing of your relocation can significantly impact how much stress you experience during your relocation. By moving during the summer, chances are you can reduce your stress and make the transition into your new home a more pleasant experience. Still not convinced? Here’s why relocating during summer could be the right “move” for you:

Pleasant Weather
In general, summer weather is notably better than cold winter months and rainy spring months. Although temperatures may be on the warm side, chances are you’ll experience less rain, wind and other weather disturbances by moving between June and August. Keep in mind that if you live in a warmer climate, however, you may want to schedule your move for early summer rather than later in the season, as temperatures that exceed 90°F may be uncomfortable for your move. Also, if you’re moving to or from the Gulf Coast or the East Coast, keep a close eye on the weather, as summer is the beginning of hurricane season.

Good Time to Sell
Summer is one of the best times to sell a home – primarily because families have more time to visit open houses and shop for new properties. Also, summer is a great time to show a home, because flowers are still in bloom, the grass is green, and leaves are on the trees. After all, curb appeal makes a big impression on potential buyers, and chances are you’ll want to sell your home as quickly as possible once you place it on the market. Keep in mind, too, that if you’re in the market for a new home yourself, summer real estate markets are more competitive and may provide you with better selection than other times of the year.

The Kids Are Out of School
Perhaps the most popular reason families choose to move during the summer is because the kids are out of school. This provides significant flexibility, as well as extra hands to help during the move. Summer moving is also beneficial because the kids can start a new school year with a clean slate, rather than attempt to transition to a new school mid-semester. Furthermore, since the kids will have already said goodbye to their friends at the end of the previous school year, leaving may be a less emotional experience.

Moving Sales Are More Successful
Before you move, you may want to load some of your clutter and unused items collecting dust in your attic or basement. You can either take your items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or you can host a yard sale for some quick cash. Yard sale shoppers often prefer to browse during the warmer months when it isn’t cold and rainy. Put signs up in your neighborhood, place a quick ad in your local newspaper and on Craigslist.com, and your summer yard sale will be a huge hit.

Adapting to Your New Home May Be Easier
Anytime you move to a new home, you’ll want to have time to adjust to your new surroundings and get to know the community. Moving during the summer usually provides fewer time constraints. The kids are already out of school, and if you’re still working for the same business as you did in your previous home, you can use saved up vacation time and personal days to adapt to your new neighborhood. Also, if you have a week or two between selling your previous home and closing on your new home, you can use the extra time to take a road trip with your family or go on vacation to the beach. After all, why stay in a hotel in your new community when you could be staying in a hotel at a family-friendly destination?

Ultimately, the timing for your move should accommodate your personal schedule. If, for some reason, a summer move doesn’t make sense for your family, you can still try to arrange the transition around school holidays, such as winter and spring breaks. Also, you can speak to your realtor about ways you can make your existing home more attractive to potential buyers. By arranging your move around your own personal timetable, you can transition your family into your new home easily and stress-free.

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