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The summer season brings a grand new freshness to the air. The days become both lazy and busy at the same time, the evenings are golden moments that meander into breezy, cool nights and warm memories stir up feelings of childhood. Summer belongs to kids. Birthday parties also belong to children, and the best way to celebrate a child’s birthday in the summer is by throwing the quintessential backyard birthday party. What follows are three things you must have for a successful backyard birthday bash.

Decorate for a Fun Summer Party
Gone are the days that a few paper hats and dull, solid-colored balloons create the dreary decorations of a child’s birthday party. Today, decorating for such an event is so involved and varied that the choices are almost daunting.

Balloons come in many shapes, sizes and themes. From animals to favorite movie characters, well chosen balloons will add a nice touch to any decoration. Check out the wide variety of balloons, from Hello Kitty to Sesame Street, found at FuntoCollect.com.

Don’t forget to decorate the party with bright napkins, tablecloths and charming paper cups. There’s plenty of tableware available. Putting a little thought into the decorations go a long way.

Provide a Feast Fit for a Kid
Behind every social gathering is food. Be sure to provide an excellent meal that incorporates a variety of kid-friendly dishes that everyone will enjoy. Snacks can include things such as jello, sweet potatoes, fruits and crackers. Avoid too much sugar in the snack dishes and main course. Pizza works well because many varieties are available. There is no substitute for a hand-decorated birthday cake and ice cream on the side. For ease of cleanup, use paper plates or bowls and keep everything tidy.

Entertainment is the Life of the Party
Throwing a popular, exciting party includes providing a varied, steady amount of entertainment for the children. The backyard is the child’s kingdom and the entertainment should fit nicely within it. Hiring a professional clown is one option. However, involving the adult family members and friends in games and other activities engages everyone in a more personal way. Charades, hide-and-seek, badminton and other outdoor summer favorites will liven the party and create cherished memories.

The features of a great backyard birthday will bring smiling, laughing children together while adults daydream about their bygone childhood years.

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