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While you may be confident that now is the time to do some redecorating, your kids may not be so keen on the idea. Your kids probably won’t appreciate character-building experiences until they’re older. For now, make renovating a fun activity for everyone involved.

Choosing A Project
One of the most popular home renovating projects today is installing a home theater system with speakers that make it seem like you’re watching a movie in the theater. Whether you’re converting a spare room into a home theater or planning on building from the ground up, it’s possible to get your kids to help and enjoy themselves in the process.

Here are some ideas for both younger and older kids to ensure everyone can pitch a hand in the new home theater project:

  • If you’re building out the space where the theater will go, let younger kids bring you nails and screws when needed. Keep them occupied by letting them organize different sizes of fasteners into a storage container, making sure they’re old enough for an easy activity with minimal supervision.
  • Assign a “trash manager” and let kids sort packaging and other refuse materials into trash and recycling.
  • Let children do some of the actual work with kid-friendly tools like screwdrivers. Stand close and observe them when it comes to tasks like hammering.
  • If you’re painting the theater space, let kids help put down floor covers like tarps. They can also help with tasks like taping off sections of the room and painting. If you have concerns you’ll have to redo their work, start with a small space and work your way up to larger parts of the room.
  • Older children allowed Internet access can go online to find ideas for the construction of the home theater, placement for the home theater equipment and overall design of the room. Involve kids of all ages in picking out DVDs and video games the whole family will be able to enjoy when the room is completed. If you do a little surreptitious spying as they search, you might even come up with some ideas for future birthday and holiday presents.
  • Kids of all ages can accompany their parents to the hardware, home improvement and paint store to get the tools and supplies needed to complete the home theater project. Teens who have received their driver’s license will likely be willing to act as chauffeur on the way.

Making Sure Your Kids Are Safe
It’s no secret that construction areas can be dangerous. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure areas your kids will be working in are as safe as possible. Keep power tools out of reach and make sure adequate safety gear is available, such as goggles and helmets. Make the event safe and fun for your kids by taking the time to decorate their cool safety gear before you get started.

Kids love to be involved in family projects. If you give your overall project some thought, you can come up with a plenty of ideas for getting your kids involved in the remodeling. The experience is a great time to bond with your kids, get their input for a home they also live in and will save you from doing little things that little hands can do.

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