Why Monitoring Your Child’s Smartphone is So Important

Smartphones are highly advanced gadgets that feature various functions such as media players, video recorders, portable cameras, and GPS units. In addition, smartphones feature several applications that help individuals to accomplish tasks or activities like conference calls, video games or online games, inbound and outbound emails, and so on. With so many advanced features, there is no wonder that children are drawn to possess these sophisticated phones. However, addiction or excessive usage of smartphones can have adverse effects on kids.

Importance of monitoring children’s smartphones
Children may be at risk due to high usage of smartphones. They are prone to accidents as they don’t sense the danger of texting while driving. Kids get into inappropriate messaging also referred as ‘sexting’ or ‘cyber bullying’. Such inappropriate activities lead to harassment and embarrassment, which in turn causes psychological damage. There are high chances that kids may pass on their cell phone numbers to strangers, which is another cause to invite trouble. Therefore, parents must monitor the activities of children to avoid unforeseen or unpleasant situations.

How can parents monitor smartphone activities of children effectively?
Well, the most effective way to monitor smartphone activities of your kids is to make use of today’s advanced technology. Parental control software has been around for years that help to monitor the activities performed on computers. However, many companies have developed software which monitors the activities of cell phones as well. The smartphone tracking software collects information without your kid’s knowledge, and your kid may never know its presence on his phone.

How does smartphone monitoring software help parents to monitor kids?
When you install such applications on your kid’s smartphone, all calls, text messages, email history, pictures, videos, and so on are forwarded to you, and you can do the necessary modifications based on the usage. Parents can block unwanted applications or sites if they sense that it is inappropriate. Although, this kind of technology may intrude into your kids’ personal life, but they will surely be benefited and protected through the software. It may not be necessary that your kid is at fault as there can be outsiders trying their best to harm your kids. With the help of smartphone tracking software, parents can effectively safeguard their children by monitoring all the cell phone activities of their children.

Smartphone monitoring features that help parents to monitor their kids
• View your kid’s text message logs that includes all messages sent and received in addition to complete details on deleted text messages as well.
• Track the location of your kid through GPS to ensure there are no signs of danger in their way
• Monitor the websites visited by them, and block the sites accordingly
• View the pictures and videos captured from your kid’s smartphone
• View call logs to check the frequency of calls made and received
To conclude, monitoring kids’ day to day activities, especially their cell phones, can make a world of difference as far as their safety and well being is concerned. It is your duty and responsibility to protect your child from possible dangers that occur through smartphones.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m a pretty big fan of GPS trackers, but not all of my kids have cell phones. Half of them do, though, and the ability to simultaneously check-up on their whereabouts really helps moms breathe a little easier. As for the other half of my kids, I actually bought some GPS monitoring trackers that I put in their backpacks. There are a lot of different options out there for parents wishing to track their children, whether by phone or device. Thanks again for sharing,

  2. Ryan Miller says:

    Parents need to know that giving their kid a smartphone gives them access to the internet and things they may not want their kid seeing. I strongly suggest that giving them that should be accompanied with Phone Sheriff. Protect your kids as you give them freedom.

  3. Megan says:

    I use AppCertain to monitor what apps my child installs. Its a simple new service that helps protect your privacy and keeps you informed by monitoring which apps are installed on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod that your children use. Every time a new app is installed, we’ll send you an email with a description of the app, along with extra valuable information such as educational value, if their are in app purchases, if there are ads displayed, and if the app can track the device’s location.

    AppCertain is completely free! http://signup.appcertain.com/blog/

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