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Okay, I’m SO excited because SentrySafe is doing another demonstration of the fire resistance of their Big Bolts Fire Safes on August 2. Beginning at 11am ET you can watch as they load valuables in the safe and then set it on fire. At the end of the demo, they open the safe and show us how the contents fared. (They’ll be fine.)

THEN! They give away the valuables! You have to participate via Twitter to enter. Last fall when they had a similar event, I won a Big Bolts safe. I love it! (Note of disclosure: I also was given an awesome pink lockbox, and then I bought lockboxes for the younger boys. Those aren’t pink though.)

So, all you have to do is watch a super interesting demonstration (I mean come on, who doesn’t enjoy a good safe-burning??) and Tweet a few times. And you may win!

Having a safe in the house is a great way to protect your most important papers and other valuables from fire, and it’s a good start on being prepared for a disaster. Hubby and I finally got our wills done earlier this year, and I can keep those and other documents in the safe. Plus, there’s room for precious videos and photos that would otherwise get destroyed in a fire.

Mark your calendar for August 2 and enjoy the demo at SentrySafe.com! I’ll be watching too.

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