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I mentioned a few weeks ago that Sentry Safe was planning to do another live burn on August 2. Technical difficulties of some sort delayed the event, and it’s been rescheduled for August 16.

If you haven’t watched one of these, you should! They literally put a bunch of valuables in a safe, lock it up, and set that baby on fire. At the end of the test, they open the safe to show how the valuables survived. It’s great fun!

Plus, they give away prizes. Follow along on Twitter and they pick random participants to win prizes. And!!! This time Sam’s Club is a sponsor, which means more prizes. Last year I won a Big Bolts safe and I love love love it. I really feel secure that our important papers and videos of the kids would be fine in the event of a house fire. Or thief. You can’t have my videos mister. They’re locked up tight.

Also! Tune in to the blog on Friday, and take part in a Sentry giveaway here. Lots of Sentry prizes going on this week, yay!

So. Tune in to the Sentry Safe live burn on Thursday, August 16 from 11 am ET to 12 pm ET. Follow on Twitter. Use the hashtag #safeinafire. Let me know if you win a prize!!! I love giveaways.

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