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I’ve shared my fondness for Sentry’s safes here before. And I did mention this one last month, but couldn’t resist telling you about it again now that I’ve had time to play with it. It’s the Compact Safe P008E, if you want the official name. This little safe is SO handy! The Manager and Captain Earthquake frequently take their electronic games along in the car, and I’ve often worried about people looking in and being tempted to steal. Did I tell you about Hubby and I chasing the would-be thieves out of the parking lot this summer? Very cloak and dagger stuff.

Okay, well perhaps not. More like a security guard hollering, “Git on outta here! If you come back, I’m calling the police.” And then they walked away. It was very exciting though.

The P008E has a cable that you use to tether it to the car. In our case, it’s hooked to the underside of one of the benches in the van. If someone wants to get the safe out they either have to know how to open it or get the whole bench out of the vehicle. Option 2 seems like way too much work to me, and I’m guessing a thief will think the same.

You’re thinking about how much you want one of these safes, aren’t you? Of course you are! And yay, we are doing a giveaway! To enter to win the safe, use the Rafflecopter widget below. You earn entries by liking Earnest Parenting on Facebook, following on Twitter, commenting on the site and more. And if you’ve already done some of these things, just tick them off in the widget and voila! You get credit (and entries).

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Good luck!

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