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Between the buffet dinners and luxurious desserts, keeping to your diet plan is not easy while on a cruise. Here are some tips for keeping your diet on track even while you and your family explore the seven seas.

Decide Before You Go

One thing that will help is deciding what your plan is before you go. If you make a plan, you’ll be able to stick to it easier than deciding once you’re on the ship and all the goodies are before you. To help you plan, call the cruise line and ask them about what the options are on the cruise. Some will have menus prepared ahead of time you can decide what you want to eat. Let the cruise line know you’re interested in healthy options, and they’re more likely to provide them.

Keep It to One Plate

If you are heading on a cruise with a buffet, scan through the items before you start piling it on. Find the items that are the most appetizing and only put those on your plate. When searching for options, look for dishes that have a lot of vegetables and avoid items with lots of sugar.

Change Your Mindset

It’s easy to get into the mindset that you need to “get what you’ve paid for.” Try to avoid this mentality going for quality rather than quantity. Depending on the length of the cruise, you will have plenty of opportunity to eat some wonderful food, so you don’t need to eat all of it in one meal.

Stay Active

There are a lot of ways to stay active while on the ship. From swimming in the pools to walking the deck, you can be up and active most of the day. This will help you stick to your diet, even if you splurge a little at meals. You’ll also find you feel better and can better enjoy your cruise.

Use the Amenities

On the cruise you’ll find many amenities that will help you stay active as well. Some even have personal trainers available to help you customize a plan just for you. Whether you attend a yoga class or body sculpting class or use the state of the art exercise facilities, there are many ways to keep up your fitness routine while on vacation.

Relaxation and Meditation

Another aspect of staying healthy, whether you’re on a luxury cruise around the Caribbean or sailing around the Mediterranean, is finding ways to loosen those muscles. After all, aren’t cruises about R&R — rest and relaxation? Meditation and relaxation improve mood, quality of sleep, and health. Many cruises have spa treatments available, with some even having relaxation rooms with options such as dry heat, mists, and steam. Take some time off for yourself while the kids are doing activities and treat yourself – you’ll feel better for it!


Although it’s important for you to keep up your dieting and exercise routines while on board, remember that this is a vacation. Before getting on the cruise, choose how you want to splurge. By knowing that something yummy is on its way, you’ll more likely stick to your plan the rest of the time. Maybe you’ll have one dessert a day or eat a type of food you love but usually avoid. It’s a vacation, so don’t feel like you can’t indulge!

Cruises are supposed to be a vacation from your ordinary life, but there is no reason that you can’t enjoy your vacation and stay healthy at the same time. By following these tips, any mom can have a great vacation without the guilt.

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