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It’s amazing (and more than a little disconcerting) to see the way technology changes for babies in particular over time. Sometimes I’m a little bummed when a super neat product comes out because my boys are too big for me to play with it (just you wait till I’m a grandma though!). Other times I wince because it could have been MY boys who were hurt when I used a particular product.

Today I learned that the sleep wedges we used with the boys could have put them in danger. Eek! We thought we were doing something helpful at the time.

If you’ve got a newborn, please watch this video for some helpful information on positioning your baby safely in the crib. I can’t emphasize enough the need for tight-fitting sheets, even though they can be difficult to attach. It’s worth the wrestling match to know that your little one can’t get tangled in any loose fabric and suffocate.

Thanks to the good folks at HowCast for making this video series.

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