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Backyard playgrounds are part of almost everyone’s childhood. What adult does not have some memory of playing outdoors with their siblings or the neighborhood kids as a child? Today, many parents wish to create an idyllic area for their children to play. Below are a few must-have items that make up the perfect playground:

If your backyard is big enough, a great slide is a wonderful addition. Choose a slide made of a synthetic material that will hold up well to weather and use. Avoid metals as they tend to reflect the sun and become uncomfortably hot in the summer months.

Swings are one of the most beloved pieces of playground equipment. Perhaps it is because swings give the sensation of flying, and all kids love to pretend they can fly. Because kids love swings, there is never a fear of having too many. Make sure that you install at least enough swings that all the children in your family can swing at the same time. Choose swings in a softer material such as rubber for more comfort.

Kids love natural substances far more than anything man-made. For that reason, a sandbox is a perfect addition to any playground. It opens up a world of possibilities for kids to use their growing imaginations. Barbies can sunbathe on the beach, or dump trucks can haul a load of sand to a construction site all within the confines of a sandbox.

Fort or hideout:
Build a fort directly on the ground or up off the ground several feet with ladder access. Some forts attach to a slide so kids can climb up into them and slide down to get out. Use durable materials to make a fort, and if at all possible, make it weather proof. This allows kids to bring stuffed animals or other special treasures from their rooms outdoors into their secret hideout.

Think long-term:
When creating a backyard playground, be mindful of its use in coming years. For example, if your children are currently preschoolers, do not design a playground that would only be appropriate for that age group. You want to think long-term, and design a playground that will grow with your child so they will enjoy it for as many years.

Creating a great backyard playground is a worthy goal. After all, if you design it correctly, your kids will gain years of enjoyment from its use. The above tips point out the most important elements of a well-made backyard playground. Incorporate each item, and you are sure to have success.

Jason Kane writes about children’s playground equipment from distributors like http://www.parknpool.com.

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