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It’s that time of the year again: awards show season.

I have to admit, I’m not much of an awards show person. But when Merci Chocolates contacted me with a promotion revolving around giving meaningful thanks, I was SO in.

Plus. It’s chocolate. And I get to do a giveaway. Yay!

When stars win their awards, they traditionally give a thank-you speech. As well they should, thankyouverymuch. I think that offering your thanks is super important, whatever the situation.

It’s interesting to watch those speeches. Some are brief and to the point, others are heartfelt, flowery, and occasionally long. I love the heartfelt ones, don’t you?

The good people at Merci reminded me that thanks shouldn’t be given just once a year. We need to meaningfully find ways to show those who are important to us that we truly appreciate them. Every day.

Which brings me to the challenge being thrown down. Merci suggests that we find an event in which to use the Joy of Thank You Red Carpet Kit. The kit includes 4 elegant champagne flutes that can be used to toast people. Have you ever been toasted? What a wonderful way to publicly acknowledge someone’s wonderfulness. There are plenty of reasons to offer a toast, whether you’re featuring a guest of honor, welcoming guests, or if someone else toasts the host.

Also included in the kit are some festive popcorn containers to use while watching a movie or awards show, and a box of Merci chocolates.

I opened up the chocolates and shared them with the boys last night, and wow. Are they ever DELICIOUS. I mean really. Wow. It’s difficult to eat only one and I’m really looking forward to more. They’re so smooth and wonderful, and the flavors are just spot on terrific. Yummmmmm.

Also included with the Joy of Thank You Red Carpet Kit were some hints and tips on toasting. Did you know that if someone toasts you, that you’re not supposed to drink right at that moment? It’s polite to raise your glass, but wait to drink. Otherwise it’s like clapping for yourself. I didn’t realize that was a faux pas. So much to learn in life!

Merci hit me with another challenge: to say who I would think if I won a big award. Hmmmm. I think I’d have to say Hubby and the boys, because they sure do put up with me a lot. Thanks guys, I love you all very much.

The best part of this post is this one: I get to give away another Joy of Thank You Red Carpet Kit! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to follow Merci chocolates on Twitter, like Earnest Parenting on Facebook (easy entry for anyone who is already a friend), and share a comment below, telling us who YOU would thank if you won a big award.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a free Joy of Thank You Red Carpet Kit in order to write this review. All opinions are my own. Chocolate is wonderful. I’m just sayin’.