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I told you about EmergencyLink in a post last year, and I learned from them a couple of weeks ago that they have added a new Facebook app. It’s even easier than ever to manage medical details in an emergency!

To recap, EmergencyLink is a service that will call emergency contacts and relay critical medical information to first responders in the case of accident or injury. Say for example you’re unconscious after a car accident. Do the paramedics know who to call? Are they able to look at you and know whether you’re allergic to particular medications??

Nope. They’re amazing heroes, but they don’t have that kind of power.

When you sign up for EmergencyLink, you receive account ID tags and cards to put in a wallet, on keychain, running shoes, luggage, kid’s backpack, etc. I put a sticker on the back of my driver’s license, have one in my wallet, have the tag on my keychain, and one tag on my luggage. In an emergency, all of these notifications will help the emergency personnel find my medical records and my family members who need notification. One call to the EmergencyLink service will give them all the info they need to treat me and get my family located quickly.

Worried about your data being secure? EmergencyLink maintains state-of-the-art security practices certified by Norton Secured.

The latest innovation the company has released is a native Facebook app. It’s now easier than ever to prepare for an emergency! Just select Emergency Contacts from your Facebook friends, input your mailing address, and they send you your very own EmergencyLink ID kit.

Also, right now a neat giveaway is going on at the site. Join EmergencyLink before March 8 and be entered to win an iPhone 5. For more details, see the contest at the site homepage. You can also like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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