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I don’t know about you, but I occasionally wonder if people would be able to figure out my files and papers if I wasn’t here to show them the system. What if I got into an accident and was hospitalized? Would anyone know who my primary physician is? What bills to pay? Where all the important papers are? Or if, in the terrible event of my death, where the will is located (I just got one, finally!). What about my advance directives? How would the hospital be notified of my wishes?

Enter EmergencyLink. This site lets you enter your basic information, list emergency contacts, and put in your basic records locations. You can designate which contact has access to which records. So if you’re injured or killed, your contacts can quickly find the right information to handle whatever situation may arise.

Say I’m in the hospital in a coma. Docs will notify EmergencyLink and the right contacts will be reached. In my case, it’s Hubby. He knows what my advance directives are and where to find the papers to prove what I want. EmergencyLink will remind him where the papers are (this is a big deal…in a crisis it’s often difficult to think clearly) and he can access them to prove his claims to the hospital.

How does EmergencyLink know you need them, you may ask? Simple! I will have a card in my purse and tag on my keys. First responders are trained to look for contact information. When they find the tags, they call in and EmergencyLink will do the rest.

Another interesting feature is the missing persons and medical reports. You keep data on your family members in the system, then if you ever need a medical history and other report you can pull it up in seconds. Don’t have access to the system? The emergency response team at headquarters can pull the report for you and forward it to the proper medical or law enforcement officials.

They do have an app already, so you can access the records from your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device. And security is taken very seriously as well. With 226-bit SSL transfer, and encryption keys that are stored separately (and rotated), your data is well-protected. In addition, EmergencyLink promises never to share your information with third parties.

Now, here’s the most amazing part. The whole thing is free right now! Really, it is. I’m betting that won’t be true forever, so if you want to take advantage of this, hurry!

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FTC Disclosure: I received a free membership to this system, but so can you. Go now!